Leading Generation Foundational Course + Coaching


Complete this three lesson virtual, self-paced course on your own time, in the privacy of your own home, and learn strategies to prepare your family for the responsibilities associated with your family resources.

This product includes both the Leading Gen course as well as 3 sessions of private coaching.


Product Information

This course is for parents who want to be more intentional about passing on a legacy of values to their children along with any financial resources. The content of this all virtual, self-paced course centers around the three common challenges faced by parents in affluent families:

  • How do we Prepare our Children for the Responsibilities Associated with Wealth?
  • How do we Avoid Raising Entitled Children?
  • How do we Communicate About Family Resources Without Discussing the Numbers?


This program is designed to help affluent parents  develop strategies for raising kids who have a healthy relationship with money, despite being raised in an environment with greater than standard access to resources. We recommend completing the course with a spouse or co-parent.


-Access to the three-lesson virtual, self-paced course on Legacy Capitals Academy, which includes the course content, your workbook, and various Legacy Capitals’ digital tools addressing values, vision, and legacy planning.

-This course includes three sessions of private coaching with one of Legacy Capitals’ certified coaches. If you would prefer to complete the course without coaching CLICK HERE.