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For Advisors


On our Academy platform you will find an ever-growing wealth of resources focused on developing your competence and confidence as a Whole Family Advisor, and an abundance of resources you can share with your clients and prospective clients to help their families and wealth flourish across the generations.

Depending on the level of membership you are registered for, your benefits range from articles, videos and podcasts that you can share with your clients, invitations to exclusive advisor events and webinars, monthly best practices, discounts on purchases, the ability to add your company logo to certain resources, and much more.

And at all times, you will have access to short training videos and our team via various “contact us” support buttons reflected throughout the Academy to help you maximize your membership value!

The Academy membership platform is for any Advisor who wants to expand the value they bring to their client-families and provides multigenerational planning to their clients and prospective clients, including but not limited to financial advisors, private bankers, wealth managers, estate attorneys, certified public accountants, financial planners, wealth strategists, insurance professionals, and philanthropic advisors.

Absolutely! Certification is not required for Membership.

Membership is available to all advisors who are looking to expand the value they bring to their client-families. Learn more about the different levels of Membership here.

Additionally, while Membership is not required for WFAA Certification, the Certification fee is waived for all Pro and Pro Plus Members. Find more details here.

There are an abundance of materials that you will have access to whether through our Whole Family Advisor courses or via the Membership Resource Hub. These materials have been identified as “client-facing” materials and are referred to as “Engage” materials, such as videos, articles, PDFs, podcasts, client engagement tools, and so forth. For example, when you are in our Membership Resource Hub, the materials that are meant to be shared with clients and prospective clients will be marked “shareable.”

Client-facing or “Engage” materials can be reproduced (copied or printed out), but only for use by the registered Advisor member in providing services to his/her respective clients and prospective clients.

The “non-client facing” (“Prepare” and “Build”) materials are meant for your personal professional development as a Whole Family Advisor.

Yes! These materials will be identified in the Membership Resource Hub and there are directions in the membership orientation course regarding how to quickly get this accomplished. In addition, when an Advisor completes the Whole Family Advisor courses and achieves certification, there are additional family engagement tools that can reflect your company/firm logo.

In order for the Advisor to keep using their company/firm logo on the materials, they have to maintain a paid Pro Plus membership plan or pay an annual fee.  If the annual renewal payment is not paid or the paid membership plan is not maintained, the Advisor must immediately stop using any materials reflecting his/her company/firm logo on all client-facing “Engage” materials.

Non-digital client-facing materials, such as but not limited to Legacy Capitals’ decks of cards, must be ordered in bulk in order to be co-branded.

Note: Regarding the materials that are assigned to have your company/firm logo on it, there will be no Legacy Capitals branding on the materials other than at the end of each resource, it will reflect “Powered by Legacy Capitals” and a copyright date.  These can not be revised or removed.

Sorry, the materials are not meant to be publicly displayed or hosted on a personal or company website, any social media sites, or any other medium and media without written consent from Legacy Capitals. Only the materials identified as “client-facing” and “engage” materials are meant to be shared directly with clients and prospective clients.

However, if you or your company/firm would like Legacy Capitals to provide customized, curated content exclusively for you or your company/firm, we also offer this service outside of the Academy Membership Plans.

If you are registered for an “individual level” of membership, the resources and services are meant only for you…they are not meant to be shared with other Advisors. If there are other Advisors that would like to have the same resources at their fingertips, then it would make sense to sign up for one of our Enterprise Membership Plans which offer additional benefits at an attractive group rate. 

If you are registered for an individual membership, you can switch your membership plan at any time. Regardless of if you upgrade or downgrade your membership level, when making a change to your membership level you will immediately gain access to the new membership level. 


The Whole Family Advisor Program is designed for an Advisor who is responsible for providing multigenerational planning related services to financially successful individuals, couples, and families. For example: Financial Advisor, Private Wealth Advisor, Private Banker, Financial Planner, Wealth Strategist, Family Office Executive, Trust Officer, Insurance Advisor, Philanthropy Advisor, and Estate Attorney.

It is different in two primary ways. Firstly, it is based on over two decades of consulting, coaching, and training advisors and financially successful families, as well as Legacy Capitals’ proprietary research. Secondly, it focuses exclusively on the qualitative aspects of family wealth, family business, and multigenerational planning.


Each course takes approximately five hours to complete. This time frame factors in the completion of all assignments, lectures, and the quiz.

For advisors seeking to further sharpen their skills and distinguish themselves in the marketplace, Legacy Capitals offers a Whole Family Advisor® Associate (WFAA) Certification.

An Advisor must first successfully complete all courses (including passing the quiz at the end of each course). Additionally, an Advisor shall be eligible to pursue certification so long as he or she meets two of the three following requirements:

  • Has received a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Has two or more years of work experience in his or her present job or related professional discipline.
  • Has received one or more of the following designations or degrees: Certified Financial Planner, Certified Private Wealth Advisor, Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Retirement Management Advisor, Certified Investment Management Analyst, Certified Senior Advisor, Wealth Management Certified Professional, Certified Professional Coach, Juris Doctor Degree (or Bachelor of Legal Letters), Masters in Tax, Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Doctorate Degree in Psychology, or such other designation or degree separately approved in writing by Legacy Capitals, LLC on a case-by-case basis.

If the aforementioned criteria is met, then the Advisor is eligible to register for the Whole Family Advisor®️ Associate (WFAA) Certification.  To learn more about our WFAA Certification, or to register, click here.

Yes and No.

An advisor is able to purchase each course individually and, if purchased this way, may complete the courses in any order they prefer. However, the courses were designed to be completed in the following sequence:

Becoming the Whole Family Advisor | Family Engagement Tools | Essential Skills | Multigenerational Family Meetings

If an advisor purchases the courses through the discounted Advisor Bundle, then they are required to complete the courses in the following sequence:

Becoming the Whole Family Advisor | Family Engagement Tools | Essential Skills | Multigenerational Family Meetings

The instructors are part of the Legacy Capitals team. Our team is comprised of professionals who have an intimate understanding of family wealth and family business, hold advanced degrees and various certifications, have authored books and numerous articles, and have over two decades of experience consulting, coaching, and training advisors and financially successful families.

Each Advisor will have a total of three attempts to pass each quiz (70% or higher passing grade). If the Advisor does not pass a quiz in the first two attempts, we suggest he or she take a few days to restudy the course materials before retaking the quiz for the third time. If an Advisor is not able to pass the quiz after three attempts, the Advisor will not be able to earn the CE credits for the respective course. Nor will the Advisor be eligible to pursue certification.

No. However, the Advisor’s registration will stay active for a minimum of twelve months enabling him or her to complete the course(s) at a future date.

Yes. If a company or firm would like to register ten or more Advisors for all courses, please contact us (via our Contact Us page or 609- 917-0161) before registering.

Or a company or firm can register for one of our Enterprise Membership packages which includes our Whole Family Advisor Training courses.

There is an annual $795 USD fee per Advisor. The certification provides the following benefits:

  • Use of the WFAA designation in your marketing materials and online social media accounts.
  • Co-brand (add your logo) to the PDF-based tools that are given via our Family Engagement Tools course.
  • Access our Legacy Capitals team of coaches to discuss the Whole Family Advisor content or how best to apply it to a particular client situation.

NOTE: The certification fee is waived for all Pro and Pro Plus Members. If you have a paid membership or would like to become a paid member, please reach out to our team at academy@legacycapitals.com to discuss how to waive your certification fee and enjoy the additional benefits of membership.

In order to continue using the co-branded version of the tools provided in the Family Engagement Tools course the Advisor must maintain the annual certification fee or maintain a paid Pro or Pro Plus membership plan. If either are not paid or maintained, then the Advisor must immediately stop using all co-branded materials. They can continue to use the non-co-branded versions of the Family Engagement Tools and may continue to use the WFAA designation.

Note: Legacy Capitals maintains the right to adjust the certification, licensing, or the membership plan fees.