Dynasty Financial Partners Live Whole Family Advisor Training


This customized Whole Family Advisor training program will be offered to you live, in-person. Your registration gives you access to all the digital course materials. Upon completion of your training, you will also gain access to the pre-recorded version of each of our four WFA courses.

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Product Information

This bundle includes access to four Whole Family Advisor Courses

Becoming the Whole Family Advisor®️ teaches advisors to effectively serve the needs of the whole family of their current clients. The coming transfer of trillions of dollars across the next generation, coupled with the reality that families often struggle to transfer wealth successfully across generations, creates a great need for advisors to build their skills in serving the whole family. This fully self-directed course offers an executable five-step practice management approach for advisors to ADOPT new mindsets, LEAD the initiative of serving the client-family within their own practice, IDENTIFY and ASSESS which clients to begin serving as Whole Family Advisor, and DEVELOP a plan to engage these client families. Advisors will walk away from this course with a customized plan to implement their learning. This fully self-directed, self-paced course includes a PDF copy of Richard Orlando’s book, Legacy: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions and is approved for 2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, 2 RMA™, and 3 CFP®️ CE Credits.


In Family Engagement Tools for the Whole Family Advisor®️ advisors will gain access to ten tools to use with their client-families, along with training tips for each tool including the purpose, best times to utilize the tool, and the process for implementation. These ten tools are divided into three sets – the Foundational tools are designed to capture a fuller understanding of the dynamics present in your client-family. The Discovery tools are designed to discover the goals, values and priorities of your clients, and the Advancement tools are designed to enhance multigenerational planning and clarify vision. This self-directed, self-paced course is approved for 2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, and 2 RMA™ CE Credits, and includes our Legacy Impressions™ Cards deck and our Capitals Cards deck which will be sent to the address you provide at checkout. The tools provided for your use in this course can only be co-branded by those advisors who have achieved Whole Family Advisor Certification.


Essential Skills for the Whole Family Advisor®️ is a self-directed, self-paced course that allows advisors to develop the essential skills required to transition from serving just one primary individual client to serving the whole family. While many advisors understand the value of expanding their service to the whole family, many cite a lack of confidence or training in the skills required to navigate the interpersonal dynamics involved in connecting with each family member. Advisors will learn and practice seven essential skills (sometimes referred to as “soft skills or “emotional intelligence skills”) in order to increase confidence in their ability to deepen relationships with their client-families. This courses teaches interpersonal skills such as perspective, empathy, listening, and assertiveness, and allows advisors opportunities to practice these skills with real client case scenarios. Additionally, the course offers discussion of some common family dynamics, as well as some unique challenges common to financially successful families, with the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a current or prospective client family. CE credits offered for this course include 2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, 2 RMA™, and 3.5 CFP®️. Finally, the course includes a PDF copy of Kristen Heaney’s book, In Three Generations: A Story about Family, Wealth, and Beating the Odds. ————————————————————————————————————————————————

Multigenerational Family Meetings for the Whole Family Advisor®️ is a self-directed, self-paced course that highlights the benefits and obstacles of holding successful multigenerational family meetings with client-families. Throughout the course, advisors will learn a 10-step process to design and execute multigenerational family meetings, with in-depth training points highlighted for each step along the family meeting roadmap. The course addresses sought after knowledge on topics such as determining who should attend the meeting, what questions to ask during prep calls with family members, and how to handle challenging dynamics in family meetings. Additionally, advisors will have the benefit of the Family Meeting Engagement Tool™ to help guide them through the design and planning of a multigenerational family meeting with their client-families. This course is approved for 2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, 2 RMA™, and 3.5 CFP®️ CE credits.



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