Love Your Clients: the tale of the Whole Family Advisor (Signed Hardcover)


by Richard J. Orlando, Ph.D

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Product Information

Excerpt from Love Your Clients

He came to know Mr. Richard Peterson better in death than in life.

The minister spoke over the casket, listing Mr. Peterson’s accomplishments and charity work. It seemed like he had been on the board of nearly every nonprofit in the city.

As Mr. Peterson’s advisor for almost twenty years, Jordan had known many of the facts about his client’s life, but hearing them listed all at once and seeing the impact the man had made…it left Jordan in a state of awe.

At the same time, Jordan couldn’t help but feel a bit of worry about the future. Just a year ago, the advisor had assumed he’d be working with his client for many more years to come. Mr. Peterson had been in great health and very active, especially for someone his age. Then they found the cancer. In a matter of months, he’d gone from a larger-than-life presence to…well, to today.

Holy smokes, Jordan thought. So fast. We all thought he had more time.

In addition to feeling the personal loss of one of his closest clients, Jordan also secretly worried about the business. While Mrs. Peterson—her husband had always referred to her as “my Margaret”—was in generally good health, things could change so quickly, as her husband’s case so vividly proved. What would happen when she inevitably joined him? While Jordan could recite their five children’s names from memory, he’d never met any of them. They’d barely had time to get his affairs in order, much less prepare his widow and eventual heirs for what was to come…

Praise for Love Your Clients

“Love Your Clients clearly shows why advisors must engage with clients at a deeper level—because, in reality, “the client” means “the whole family.” This is how you create raving fans!”

— Ken Blanchard
coauthor of The One Minute Manager®, Servant Leadership in Action, and Raving Fans

“What a moving story! Richard’s gems of wisdom drop from the mouths of characters you come to genuinely care about…which is exactly the heart of the book: You can build a profoundly successful practice—a legacy practice—by genuinely caring about your ‘client-families.’ It’s simple, radical, transformational…and it works.”

— John David Mann
co-author of The Go-Giver and The Latte Factor

“‘What values do you hold dear?’ ‘Who do you care about most?’ ‘What impact do you want to make in the world?’ In Love Your Clients, Richard captures the essence of the future advisor-client relationship. The world needs this powerful and purpose-driven guide for the upcoming journey.”

– Jennifer Povlitz, CFA
Division Director, UBS Wealth Management

“Richard Orlando knows that leaving a lasting mark is not about how you share the wealth with future generations after you are gone—it’s about how you bring your values to life while you are still around. This book captures the caring approach he brought to his work with our family. I hope it brings to advisors the same value his first book, Legacy, brought to us.

– Jim Smith
former President and CEO of Thomson Reuters
Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation

“Richard’s unrivaled insights make him the advisor’s advisor. His new book demonstrates the critical importance of building more meaningful and more enduring client relationships. Following his advice has powerfully elevated our business.”

– J. Fielding Miller
co-founder and CEO of CAPTRUST

“It’s easy to get lost in daily reports, routine questions, and tracking the markets. Love Your Clients will pull you back to what matters most: giving your best to the people who depend on you. Richard Orlando’s new book goes beyond the ‘how’ of the financial advisory business and digs deep into the ‘why.’”

– Kimberly Foss, CFP, CPWA
founder and CEO of Empyrion Wealth Management
author of the New York Times bestseller Wealthy by Design

“The distinction of supporting a client’s family to that of holistically advising client-families is genius. This work is a true gift, transformative to the field of family wealth management and the families we serve. This must-read book shows how to evolve from a trusted advisor to a Whole Family Advisor®.”

— Jill Shipley
Managing Director at Tiedemann Advisors

“Any advisor who cares about relationships, values, and legacy should read this book.”

– Eric Becker
Chairman of Cresset Capital

“More and more every day, successful families are looking beyond excellent execution from the professionals who serve them. They seek understanding, empathy, and relevancy. Dr. Orlando’s parable, Love Your Clients, helps forward-thinking advisors reframe their role and reposition themselves to meet this burgeoning shift.”

– Jim Coutré
family office and philanthropy professional

“An economic law of life is that money goes in motion when life goes in transition. This book is a must read for any advisor who wants to ensure that they continue to serve multiple  generations of their client-families.”

– Mitch Anthony
author of Life Centered Financial Planning

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