Essential Skills


Essential Skills for the Whole Family Advisor™ is a self-directed course that offers opportunities to learn AND practice skills such as perspective, listening, empathy, and assertiveness. Presenting real client scenarios that are common to advisors who serve multiple generations, this course offers many practical takeaways.

CE Credit Offerings

2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, 2 RMA™, 3.5 CFP®️

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Course Information

This self-directed, self-paced course helps advisors, who have begun serving multiple generations of their client-families, to develop the essential skills required to effectively serve whole family. While many advisors understand the value of expanding their service to the whole family, many cite a lack of confidence or training in the skills required to navigate the interpersonal dynamics involved in connecting with each family member.

Throughout this module, advisors will:

  • Learn and practice seven essential skills (sometimes referred to as “soft skills or “emotional intelligence skills”)
  • Increase confidence in their ability to deepen relationships with their client-families
  • Learn more about how to more effectively leverage their own unique strengths in their work
  • Gain interpersonal skills such as perspective, empathy, listening, and assertiveness
  • Practice these skills with real client case scenarios

Additionally, the course offers discussion of some common family dynamics, as well as some unique challenges common to financially successful families, with the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a current or prospective client family.


The Whole Family Advisor Program is designed for an Advisor who is responsible for providing services to financially successful individuals, couples, and families. For example: Financial Advisor, Private Wealth Advisor, Private Banker, Financial Planner, Wealth Strategist, Family Office Executive, Trust Officer, Insurance Advisor, Philanthropy Advisor, and, Estate Attorney.


All course components are self-directed and can be completed at your own pace. Self-study articles and videos, and an extensive workbook act as a supplement to the dynamic video lectures taught by our course instructors who have advanced degrees, as well as years of experience working directly with client-families like those you serve. This course includes a digital copy of Kristen Heaney’s book, In Three Generations: A Story about Family, Wealth, and Beating the Odds. 


  • 2 CIMA®️, 2 CPWA®️, 2 CIMC®️, 2 RMA™, 3.5 CFP®️


If you are interested in registering a group or team of advisors, please follow this link to submit your interest and an Instructor will contact you to discuss the benefits of group registration.


For advisors seeking to further sharpen their skills and distinguish themselves in the marketplace, Legacy Capitals offers a Whole Family Advisor® Associate Certification. After successful completion of all four WFA training courses, Advisors can apply for our WFAA Certification. To learn more about our WFAA Certification, click here.


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