The Super Special, Altogether Ordinary Day (Paperback)


by Kristen Heaney



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In the writing of The Super Special, Altogether Ordinary Day, Kristen Heaney sought to produce a book that grandparents and their grandchild could read together to inspire deep connection across generations. In this beautifully illustrated book, a young boy and his grandmother take a walk in the woods and share simple, but powerful moments of familial connection as they explore nature together. Grandparents and their grandchildren will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book about the beauty of nature, while having some fun hunting for alliteration woven in throughout the story.

After you’ve read the book, the fun has only just begun! Visit the book’s webpage to download several fun activities, inspired by the book, that grandparents and their grandchildren can do together…including a fun family tree project.


Kristen Heaney serves as a coach, consultant, and educator to financially successful individuals and families and their trusted advisors. Because of her own personal life experience, her greatest area of passion involves her group and individual work with members of the rising generation of financially successful families.

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