In Three Generations


by Kristen Heaney


Product Information

In Three Generations: A Story About Family, Wealth, and Beating the Odds

When Jim Hannigan, a successful business owner, receives a terminal cancer diagnosis just days before his 50th birthday, he fears his young adult children, Campbell and Cole, are unprepared to handle the business and substantial financial capital they will inherit.

With the help of Lane Brock, a Legacy Consultant, Jim scrambles to get his affairs in order and make the most of his remaining time. Jim is disheartened to learn that the old adage, “shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations,” reflects the reality that 90% of inherited wealth does not survive the third generation.

Will the family’s work with Lane be enough to ensure Jim’s legacy will beat the odds and leave a lasting impact for generations?

Readers of this family leadership fable will find themselves engaged in the fictional story of the Hannigan family, while simultaneously considering their own legacy and family. With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this book offers readers the unique opportunity to engage in the development journey alongside its very relatable characters.

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