Gather – A RisingGen Collective Event


Register for Gather – Our 2023 RisingGen Collective Event. This event is by invitation only.




Product Information

The GATHER event is going to be a blast!

Join us in Vero Beach, FL Oct 29-30, 2023 for a time of …

– Relaxing in a beautiful setting

– Connecting with other RisingGens

– Learning and growth from speakers with creative approaches to addressing the relevant RisingGen topics that are on our minds

– Great food and fun


This event has a focused, flexible schedule for those who are super busy.

– Arrive between 2-3pm on Sunday 10/29

– Official events go through Monday 10/30 at 4pm if you need to fly out

– Those who can stay another night are invited to stick around for pool and beach activities and a casual dinner.