Financial Fitness Coaching Program





Product Information

Equipping and empowering young adults to successfully navigate the world of personal finance with basic financial literacy and discussion around important money mindset topics.

Financial IQ Topics:

Budgeting, Taxes, Building Credit, Spending & Saving, Philanthropy 101, Debt, Intro to Investing, The Stock Market, Compound Interest, Diversification, Trust Basics

Ideal Participant:

This program is best suited for young adults who are ready to build their confidence and competence in the world of personal finance. The aim of this program is to help participants take meaningful steps from being a “financial dependent” to a “financial adult.” Ideal participants are coachable, eager to learn, and have a desire to develop financial independence.


As a result of the program, participants will have outlined a Financial Fitness Money Map, and will be equipped with a working budget and cash flow approach that is unique and personalized to their strengths and lifestyle.